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Versatile Design Provides Rigid Support Installs Quickly
The Platin Bracket has simple and versatile two part design that allows multiple configurations for all window styles. All steel construction provides rigid support. Made of gauge 8 steel, the support will not bend or warp out of shape even after years of use. Few parts and single screw locking affords the bracket to be easily installed from inside the house.
Adjusts to Multiple Wall Thicknesses Sturdy Support for different AC sizes Adapts to Different Wall Finishes and Angles
Siding arm easily adjusts to all wall thicknesses upto 12". The patented support design is capable of easily supporting upto 80 lbs. Padded siding gripper is hinged to work with all wall finishes and angles. Easily sits on vinyl, brick, stucco and other finishes to grip the wall without causing any damage.
  • "Knowing this bracket is supporting my A/C, I can sleep peacefully"
  • "Wow, great product for great price!"
  • "I bought this product and was able to install it easily and quickly as described in the instructions. I would recommend it to all my friends."
  • "The sleek and simple design is very appealing"
  • "Finally, an A/C support bracket that works the way it says that it will."
  • Installs completely from inside
  • All necessary hardware included
  • Rugged all weather construction
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

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